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Gallery Manifesto

Samia Gallery's ethos, retraction to current system of the art industry. This includes supporting movements related to; non-patriarchy, creativity that does not exploit: men, women, children and animals.

Samia Malik, some of my main concerns are: war, climate change, consumerism, education and female exploitation. Since starting gallery in December 2013 with a friend, gallery's functioned as an artists run space. Names of a few art shows we organaised: Stop the war, The Kids, Sexism, Day job and Fashion is fake. Below link to previous gallery blog:

Through recent partnership changes, decisions; gallery names now changed to Samia Gallery. Gallery proceeds as a communal, democratic artists run space. We're inviting people from all areas of creative mediums to contribute and participate in gallery. One of the main aims of the gallery is to continue running regular innovative, and progressive art exhibitions. 

To join participants need to contribute £4 a month. This contribution includes opportunities to participate in Samia Gallery to:

- Curate art shows
- Do performances 
- Organise meetings/ talks/ crits/ events
- Opportunities to participate in other group shows in gallery 
- We would also encourage participants to collaboratively curate artshows in gallery
- We are open to other suggestions 
* Also any donation contributions will help to develop, sustain Samia Gallery, an independent artists run space.  

To join Samia Gallery as a contributor and participant please email:

For donation contribution please press link below:

Tuesday, 27 May 2014